Notion Advanced Trading Journal

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You will get

- TradeLog where you can journal trades using Entry, Exit Price, Target, SL, Entry criteria, Review and can save images with every trade. Every trade will be noted with Entry and Exit time, and will also have the strategy used property which

-Watchlist where you can note down trading ideas and use them for the next day. This will also help keep track of ideas you constantly look at.

- A Strategy Vault where you can save your existing strategies and can also use TA strategies if you often use them. A bunch of TA strategies are listed on this page. You can add your strategies under the 'My Strategies' section on this page. Also, there is an idea page to note down your strategies and a 'Win Rate' view which gives the win rate of your strategies

- A Review page to review all your Trade Weeks and Months

- Paper Trade option Availabe

All these pages and tools are interlinked and will work in sync to help you become a better trader

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Trading Journal
Watchlist, Tradelog, Strategy Vault, Reviews Page
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Notion Advanced Trading Journal

0 ratings